Summary of TMS Roof Leaks & Requests to Repair Roof Leaks


Documentation provided by Corporation Counsel (A. Vakso)

Friday, May 24, 2002

Reviewed & compiled by Melinda Woiten & Linda Hall




11/28/93          From 0 & G – Letter to Pampano Masonry - severe rainstorms with strong winds – water leaked into the building through flashing and damaged a number of ceiling tiles



12/22/93          From O & G (Brian Holmes – Project Manager) To: Mike Taylor – Monadnock Fabricators CC:  Borghesi/Weathertight

heavy rainstorms on 12/21/93– water leaks onto new wood stage flooring and third floor Science Rooms show leakage.  Roof ridge and valleys above science rooms on third floor at all four locations.


                        Water damage to ceiling tiles, occupancy sensors and electrical devices – stated in letter from O&G (Brian Holmes Project Manager) – “must assure remainder of roof installation in accordance with Butler Building details- such that this roof doesn’t leak under any circumstances”



10/20/94          Letter to Allan Borghesi, from Bruce Walpole (O & G) – states: “Letter must be submitted by Weathertight Company stating they will correct any defects (roof leaks) that occur as a result of the fact that the roof curbs are fastened directly to the roof structure.  Letter must be co-signed by Borghesi Building and Engineering Company”


                        Punch list to be corrected:


r       Roof gutters leaking (attached letter dated 10/10/94*) to Weathertight

r       Several roof leaks to be corrected and new ceiling tiles to be


r       Paint touch-ups    


*attached letter to Weathertight states:  “confirm conversation regarding several leaks in seams of gutters – promise to investigate and fix!”



1/30/95            Draft Agreement between City of Torrington, Borghesi & Weather Tight – some passages state:


                        “Borghesi & Weathertight have agreed to resolve those claims (regarding roof installation) concerning Butler Roof.”


                                    “Complete all items on the “punch list” prepared by Metal Roof Advisory Group Limited.


                                    “Borghesi & Weathertight shall be responsible for all defects in the roof including but not limited to leaks caused by the improper pinning of the roof panels.”


3/15/95            Letter from O & G to Ron Zwick of Borghesi – discusses 4 leaks:


                        2 leaks on either side of auditorium in the corridors at the north end of the building


                        3rd leak above storage room across from Custodian’s office south end


                        4th leak – entrance door adjacent to custodian’s office


                        Letter also mentions: roof gutter leaks as of 3/15/95 not corrected and it was brought to the attention of Weathertight. On 8/9/94, vacuum sealing testing to cost $2,000-$2,500.


                        Reiterates agreement: “Borghesi & Weathertight have agreed to resolve those claims concerning the Butler roof.”


11/15/96          Letter to Butler from O & G – makes note of 20-year weather tightness warranty, which has been provided by Butler Manufacturing – Who has the actual warranty?????


12/13/96          Letter to Borghesi from Bruce Walpole – make necessary corrections to “hips & ridges”.



6/20/97            Letter to Borghesi from Continental Insurance Company states:


“roofing consultant to evaluate condition – consultant removed         sections of the roof and discovered parts of roof were incomplete and missing flashings, which were clearly shown on the contract documents or shop drawings.  This condition was concealed and not discovered until actual portions of the roof were removed.”


9/20/99            Letter from O & G to City of Torrington CC: Chip Hines, Dr. Shine, Jeff Borghesi, Dominick Mainella


                        Hurricane, heavy rain – majority of leaks in ridge caps, valleys – “these are a recurring problem for the last 5 years; “the leaks are more prevalent than ever”


7/2000             Letter to Jeff Borghesi from Maurice Hoben (O & G) – discusses ridge cap replacement


2/27/01            Eastern Roofing Inspection – Letter to Jeff Borghesi from  Maurice Hoben – “valleys over science rooms are leaking”and they were way back in December of 1993



4/12/02            Letter from Jeff Borghesi to Bruce Walpole (O&G) states:

                        Butler has a “new prototype ridge cap that was developed from subsequent visits to Torrington Middle School.  He has plans of coming to Torrington at the end of April at which time he would like Dominic Mainella there to see the design.  Assuming all works well, he is tentatively scheduling the work to start at the end of the school year.”  - Provided by TAHD


                        However, the ridge caps do not address the leaks in the roof valleys as documented on the TMS Chronology by TAHD and provided to Tom Mela, U. S. Dept of Education, Office of Civil Rights


                        Attorney Vasko also has a twenty-seven page document titled:

                        Findings and Conclusions, which is in reference to all the problems with the TMS roof.  There is not a cover page so it is not clear who investigated or compiled this information. 


                        Italics – represents comments/questions from Linda/Melinda