Connecticut Foundation
for Environmentally Safe Schools

Fairfield County

Fairfield School Green Clean Recognition Program

Program Coordinator Name: Dave Fryer, Manager of Facilities
School District: Fairfield
Number of School Buildings: Sixteen plus Co-Op & PAL
Address: 501 Kings Highway East, Fairfield, CT

When did you begin a shift to green clean practices?

We began our process of shifting to green clean practices in September 2006.

What environmentally preferable products are currently in use in schools in your district? Are they certified by a third party such as Green Seal?

Yes, currently we are using a glass cleaner and floor cleaner. We will be implementing the use of a general glass cleaner, carpet cleaner and washroom cleaner once our inventory is depleted. We also use heavy duty spray cleaners and disinfectants that are as close to Green Seal as we can get. We are told that disinfectants cannot be classified as Green Seal because the products do not breakdown fast enough in water to qualify.

What green clean equipment and procedures are being implemented?

Currently we use the NSS Back Pack Vacuums (69db). All of our procedures are the same; we are using and/or implementing the Green Clean products as mentioned above where applicable.

Who participates in your green clean program? (i.e. number of schools, members on your TFS teams like nurses, custodians and parents, etc.) What role do they play in this process?

The Tools for Schools team for each school is an advisory role for the Green Program. The head custodian has the key role in using and implementing the program and products properly. The custodial supervisor is responsible for overseeing the custodial use of these products.

How do you evaluate the effectiveness of the green clean program?

Some of the products work very well and are very effective while others are not as good. New products are continually being marketed and evaluated.

What were some initial obstacles to switching to a green clean approach? How did you overcome these obstacles?

The inventory and delivery system of the new products were initial obstacles for our district. We would suggest a redesign of the delivery system. We are going to deplete our current inventory over 6-8 months so that we can use the dispensing systems.

What benefits are you experiencing as a result of a green clean program? (i.e. cost and/or health benefits)

Our district is very excited about this "Green Clean" program. However, we feel it is too early to determine the benefits that we might be experiencing.

What recommendations would you make to other school districts and indoor environmental quality teams considering a green clean approach?

We would recommend that other school districts and indoor environmental quality teams call local vendors for product availability and use of products prior to considering the green clean approach. They should be sure to use the vendor's expertise prior to converting.

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