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National Healthy Schools Day 2012

Tuesday April 24 2012 is National Healthy Schools Day. For a more details, see our information below:

MONITORING ADHERENCE TO CT SCHOOL INDOOR ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY LAWS: The CT General Statutes contain laws dealing with the following school indoor environmental quality (IEQ) issues. For your school district to be in compliance with CT Law, all of the statements below should be true for your school as of April 2012. [Complete document here]

SUMMARY OF CT LAWS ON SCHOOL INDOOR ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY: The CT General Statutes contain laws dealing with the following school indoor environmental quality (IEQ) issues: School Bus Emissions, Pesticide Usage, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), High Performance School Buildings and Green Cleaning in Schools. This document summarizes CT School IEQ Laws as of April 2012.[Complete document here]

CARBON MONOXIDE (CO) DETECTORS IN SCHOOLS: Public Act 11-248, effective July 1, 2011, requires the installation of carbon monoxide (CO) detection and warning equipment in all CT school buildings, public and private.

2012 SCHOOL VENTILATION POSITION STATEMENT: The importance of optimal ventilation rates in school settings cannot be overemphasized. Research has proven that inadequate air exchange affects the health, productivity and achievement of school children and employees. A major conclusion of a 2006 study conducted by the National Academy of Science was: "The reduction of pollutant loads through increased ventilation and effective filtration has been shown to reduce the occurrence of building associated symptoms (eye, node and throat irritations; headaches; fatigue; difficulty breathing; itching and dry irritated skin) and to improve the health and comfort of building occupants."

2012 IAQ ADVOCACY CHECKLIST: How Can You Improve School IAQ?

ConnFESS Library

The ConnFESS Library contains articles and news releases relevant to our mission and of interest to our membership. On the map below, click on the town or county you are interested in reading about.

The Health of Connecticut School Children, Educators and Staff Remains at Risk

  • In 2003, the Connecticut state legislature passed PA 03-220: An Act Concerning Indoor Air Quality in Schools, requiring all schools to adopt an indoor air quality program and report to the state periodically on its progress.
  • Nearly five years after this law was enacted, new cases of preventable building-related illnesses among children and adults continue to be reported in school communities across the state.
  • Physicians have linked the onset and exacerbation of asthma and other lung diseases as well as allergies and sinus infections to environmental conditions in school facilities that have poorly designed, operated and maintained heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems.
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