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Torrington School Green Clean Recognition Program

Program Coordinator Name: David Bascetta
School District: Torrington Public Schools
Number of School Buildings: Eight
Address: 355 Migeon Avenue, Torrington, CT 06790

When did you begin a shift to green clean practices?

July 2005

What environmentally preferable products are currently in use in schools in your district? Are they certified by a third party such as Green Seal?

NCL Products #18 E-Solution multi purpose cleaner. #16 APC Neutral cleaner. These two products are replacing stainless steel cleaners, APC, carpet extraction, carpet pre-treat, window and glass cleaners. Small amount of micro-fiber towels being tested. Yes. Both NCL products are green sealed.

What green clean equipment and procedures are being implemented?

  • Clarke boost auto scrubbers reduce the amount of chemicals and water 50-70%.
  • #18 E-solution in our carpet extraction and pre-treat.
  • Use micro-fiber towels as dusters dry.
  • Use micro-fiber towels wet eliminating glass, mirror and stainless steel polish.
  • Towels use no chemicals.

Who participates in your green clean program? (i.e. number of schools, members on your TFS teams like nurses, custodians and parents, etc.) What role do they play in this process?

All custodians (37) at eight different facilities, cleaners.

How do you evaluate the effectiveness of the green clean program?

Green products have worked well in general housekeeping and have shown some economies through out the system. Though we do have to use a heavier cleaning product at times for gross soils or areas that have been vandalized.

What were some initial obstacles to switching to a green clean approach? How did you overcome these obstacles?

The normal resistance and reluctance to change and try. We started small at an elementary school and just by word of mouth that the products performed well and that they were more convenient to use let the other sites be more enthusiastic and willing to try them.

What benefits are you experiencing as a result of a green clean program? (i.e. cost and/or health benefits)

The elimination of many different products has resulted in some savings and has made the training and understanding of the use of product more manageable.

What recommendations would you make to other school districts and indoor environmental quality teams considering a green clean approach?

Test the products with hands on staff first who are willing to use and work a new product. Just because they have a green seal certification does not mean they will give you the results you need or are expecting. Most of your cleaning staff should only be happy using products that perform well and are relatively easy to use.

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