Connecticut Foundation
for Environmentally Safe Schools

Fairfield County

Stratford School Green Clean Recognition Program

Program Coordinator Name: Robert Sweger
School District: Stratford
Number of School Buildings: 14 Buildings
Address: Administration Center, 1000 East Broadway, Stratford, CT 06614

When did you begin a shift to green clean practices?

We began the shift to green clean practices four years ago.

What environmentally preferable products are currently in use in schools in your district? Are they certified by a third party such as Green Seal?

The products currently being used are floor finishes, hand soap, neutral cleaners, and disinfectants. All products they are certified.

What green clean equipment and procedures are being implemented?

Equipment used is kaivac, backpacks and uprights with hepa filters. The procedures are the use of micro fiber technology, bathroom cleaning methods, and the elimination of cross contamination.

Who participates in your green clean program? (i.e. number of schools, members on your TFS teams like nurses, custodians and parents, etc.) What role do they play in this process?

We have 14 schools participation in the green clean program. We have a Safety Committee consisting of Principals, Nurses, Parents, Custodians, and Administration Representatives.

How do you evaluate the effectiveness of the green clean program?

Some of the products work very well and are very effective while others are not as good. New products are continually being marketed and evaluated.

What were some initial obstacles to switching to a green clean approach? How did you overcome these obstacles?

The initial obstacles were the cost of the products and breaking old habits. We overcame these obstacles by bringing in solution control systems and motivating custodian and staff to implement a green program.

What benefits are you experiencing as a result of a green clean program? (i.e. cost and/or health benefits)

We benefit from having less products and have developed better cleaning techniques. We are looking into other areas that are green, i.e. solar energy.

What recommendations would you make to other school districts and indoor environmental quality teams considering a green clean approach?

A green clean approach is more than just using chemicals. It has everything to do with health and the use of how the chemicals are used by developing new cleaning techniques. Other areas need to be discussed and researched such as solar energy, and the manufactory processes of paper products that are environmentally friendly.

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